1. Patch 1.18
  2. Patch 1.17
  3. Patch 1.16
  4. Patch 1.15
  5. Patch 1.14
  6. Patch 1.13
  7. Patch 1.12
  8. Patch 1.11
  9. Patch 1.10
  10. Patch 1.09
  11. Patch 1.08
  12. Patch 1.07
  13. Patch 1.06
  14. Patch 1.05
  15. Patch 1.04
  16. Patch 1.03
  17. Patch 1.02
  18. Patch 1.01

18. Patch 1.18

Tekamura Performance takes the stage!

What's new?
Gear Club:Stradale welcomes Tekamura Performance, the specialist race tuner, with the latest model to emerge from their workshops:
the 911 GT2 RS Tekamura Performance.
A high-performance monster sporting an all-new signature livery specific to the workshops founded by Teruko Nakamura.

  • New car:There's a new car to discover in the Super Carta Stradale this month.


  • The Acura NSX 2016 is now available in the Gold Rush game mode

Bug Fixes

  • The "Rocky Reserve" race has been corrected and is now available again

  • Add the missing car Ruf RT12 R to the Gold Rush game mode
  • Fixed a crash during Villa loading when the player had several vehicles of the same model
  • Fixed a problem in the Workshops where performance parts (engine, tires, etc...) could appear unlocked and installed when leaving the parts menu and returning to it
  • Fixed a problem related to Chinese languages (traditional and simplified). They could be selected on the device and not displayed in GCA
  • Fixed a problem in the Vanity dealer. Some paintings had the wrong price and could not be purchased

17. Patch 1.17

Acura NSX

What's new?

  • New car:There's a new car to discover in the Super Carta Stradale this month.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a problem where the Car Dealer's "View" button could not be selected with the controller once the car had been purchased
  • Fixed a problem where the player could not select the Lotus 3 Eleven car for Gold Rush. Attempting to select the Lotus 3 Eleven caused user interface problems and made it impossible to play Gold Rush with the 3 Eleven car
  • Fixed a problem where the resource converter menu sometimes overlapped with the parts installation menu
  • Fixed a problem where the racing tutorial pop-up would not appear in the Grand Prix and Gold Rush menus

  • Fixed a problem where rotation around the car in the Car Dealer was much too fast with a joystick

16. Patch 1.16

“75 Years of Porsche”

Porsche celebrates its 75th birthday!
Its reputation as a motorsport legend has been built up over the course of many events.
Some of their brand's liveries have become emblematic.
To mark this anniversary, delve back into the brand's past through a special event in which you can win these legendary liveries!

What's new?
Limited Time Special Event — 75 Years of Porsche
Discover a whole new way to experience Gear.Club: Stradale through the Porsche-dedicated special event.
Enter special challenges, win exclusive Grand Prix events, or participate in Porsche-dedicated Carta Stradale events during this update.
Take part in the “75 Years of Porsche” event to win the brand’s legendary liveries and equip them on all your Porsches!

  • New cars: There is a new exclusive car for you to discover in Carta Stradale this month!


  • Added over 30 classic paints to each Porsche (except 911 Type 930)
  • Stock Hood for GT2RS is now classic paint (used to be carbon hood)
  • Increased Camera speed when looking at a Car in Car Dealer
  • Increased Part Opener's hitbox so they are easier to open
  • A new customization part type has been added: Liveries. Liveries are special Paints only obtainable in limited events that force a set of paint/parts/stickers on a car
  • Added a Special Event feature. These special events are composed of a set of quests and daily rewards available only for a limited amount of time with exclusive Liveries rewards
  • Added a 75th Porsche Anniversary Special Event available from 19/10/2023 to 29/11/2023
  • Added 2 temporary Porsche Grand Prix with exclusive Liveries rewards as part of the Porsche Anniversary Special Event
  • Players are now awarded the Golden Paint of 911 Type 930 when connecting for 30 cumulated days after the car's obtention

  • Changed Navigation in Options Menu
  • Added a Scroll bar for the glossary in the Options Menu

Bug Fixes

  • The Grand Prix menu is no longer cropped by the iPhone X camera
  • The Options Menu now has a back button like every other menu (used to be closed only by pressing the Options Button)
  • In Competitive mode, the track tile now correctly displays if the selected track is Reversed
  • Fixed an issue when the Competitive menu appeared for a few frames after selecting your car in Competitive Mode
  • Fixed an issue when the Daily Rewards screen would show up after a failure to load save from the cloud
  • Fixed an issue when input to delete a save would not be displayed in the save selection menu
  • Fixed an issue when some badges would not have text

  • Made Part Opener AR more visible for GRA Spano, ViperSRT, Lykan HyperSport, and Evantra
  • Leaving the scoreboard screen to the track selection screen in Competitive mode, now sets the focus on the selected track instead of the first track
  • Increased Refresh time on Main Menu Camera Handler to avoid clunky Part Opener Animation in the Main Menu
  • Fixed issue with Carrera 4S and M2 Coupé cosmetic parts level when parts were considered stock when they were not
  • Fixed issue when Part Opener's animation sometimes lags when opening/closing a part of the Favorite Car
  • Fixed navigation problems in the options menu when using a controller

15. Patch 1.15

New overtakings and Grand Prix

What's new?
Gear Club:Stradale is expanding! There are 4 new races in overtaking mode this month, as well as 4 new Grand Prix.
In addition, new features such as an upgrade parts converter and a space where you can find all the game's tutorials have been added.

  • New feature: The resource converter lets you convert nuts, bolts and gears into each other.
    If you're missing a certain type of resource, the converter is there for you!
  • New feature: The glossary brings together all the information scattered throughout the game.
    If you missed an explanation during your first steps in the game, you can now find it in the glossary from the Options menu.

    • New cars: There is a new exclusive car for you to discover in Carta Stradale this month!


    • Resource Converter added to Villa's Workshops
    • New Overtaking races
    • New Grand Prix: - Yellowstone, Trackday, Turns, Highway

    • A notification is now displayed in Villa's Workshops to inform players that cosmetic parts are available for sale for the selected car
    • Badges and Banners are now split into obtention categories for a better user experience
    • New Glossary in Options Menu
    • Players can now see how many cosmetic parts they own on AR in Cosmetic workshops


    • Greatly improved framerate in the Customization Menu

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed some linguistic errors in Russian and Spanish

    • Fixed car snapshots being generated with improper lighting in some scenario
    • Fixed car snapshots having weird lighting and floating mesh in some scenario

    • Fixed issue where golden paint for 720S would not be displayed in Paint Workshop
    • Fixed missing gold paint on BWM Z4 Roadster
    • Removed gold paint for 911 type 930 from paint workshops
    • Fixed issue where sometimes the player could not navigate in the Overtaking menu with a controller
    • Fixed issue where default paints given for the player's first 2 cars were not saved

    14. Patch 1.14

    Gold Rush

    What's new?
    Immerse yourself in the thrilling world of the "Gold Rush" game mode and reignite your passion for your beloved cars.
    Brace yourself as you embrace a multitude of challenges, pushing your skills to the limit, and enhancing your cars to advance further, all while unlocking numerous unique prizes.
    Show off your success both on your profile and on the road with an exclusive golden paint for your car.

    • New cars: There is a new exclusive car for you to discover in Carta Stradale this month!


    • New Game Mode: Gold Rush. Complete a series of challenges and receive exclusive cosmetic rewards for your car.
    • New club achievement for RUF CTR 3.
    • Added an exclusive Golden Paint on every car of the Gold Rush feature. These paints can only be acquired by fully completing the Gold Rush challenges for a specific car.


    • Fixed main menu rendering not handling resolution resize.

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed animation issues on Wallet animations when purchasing Vehicle Part (resources materials would decrease then increase instead of just decreasing).
    • Fixed an issue where club achievement progression could exceed their maximum values.
    • Fixed an issue where banners and badges would always appear golden in the player's collection even when they were not.
    • Fixed an issue where players could not open the club menu in Villa Interior when using a controller.

    • Fixed missing mesh issue on Lykan Front Bumper that would cause see-through on low devices.
    • Fixed rendering issues on the lemon tree in Villa Exterior.

    • Had to remove Rocky Reserve and Rocky Reserve Reversed from the playable pool (competitive Mode, Quick Event, Custom Race, and Daily Challenge) until we fix the issue affecting checkpoints on this track.
    • Fixed issue where checkpoints would not update properly on track Bridge Road.
    • Fixed issue where checkpoints would not update properly on track Nowhere Camping.
    • Fixed checkpoints issue on tracks: Geyser Field Reversed, Ghost Town Reversed, Hidden Deers Reserve Reversed, Highway Run Reversed, and Nature's Paradise Reversed.

    13. Patch 1.13

    Achievements & Daily Objectives

    What's new?
    Many new Club and Game Center achievements have been added this month.
    From overtaking mode to Grand Prix mode and car upgrades, get all the achievements in this new update!
    In addition, there are 6 new daily objectives.

    • New cars: There is a new exclusive car for you to discover in Carta Stradale this month!


    • New Quests.
    • New Club achievements.
    • New Gamecenter achievements.
    • New banners and badges were added.

    Bug Fixes

    • Fix statistics gauges on vehicles.
    • In online leaderboards, cars breaking and acceleration stats where corrupted.
    • Animations skip properly in achievements.
    • Spamming buttons with controller no longer break main menu.

    • Assistances is not reset after race restart, anti-squid stay the same.
    • Steering preventer would reset after creating a new slot.

    • Player can properly open parts on favorite cars when coming back from race.

    12. Patch 1.12

    Grand Prix

    New Game mode: Grand Prix.
    Discover a whole new way to experience Gear.Club:Stradale through the Grand Prix game mode!
    Try to best your opponents in three successive races, get as many points as possible then become the new Grand Prix winner!
    Master every Grand Prix to win exclusive customization for your profile.

  • Improvements: The Main Menu has been fully reworked
  • It is now simpler, clearer and allows you to highlight your favorite car!

    • New cars: There is a new exclusive car for you to discover in Carta Stradale this month!


    • Main Menu has been reworked
    • Main Menu has been split between 2 menus: the Main Menu and the Play Menu
    • The Car Dealer and Vanity Dealer buttons have merged into a single Dealers Button
    • The new Dealers button now leads to the Car Dealer
    • The Parking, Club, and Workshop buttons have merged into a single Villa Button
    • The new Villa button now leads to the Workshop part of the Villa
    • The Main Menu now takes place outside of the Villa

    • New game mode: Grand Prix
    • Rewind is now available in Overtaking
    • Players can now select a favorite Car which will be displayed in the Main Menu


    • Changed arrow placement for steering tutorial
    • Optimized Customization menu to prevent fps drop
    • Vehicle Screenshots are now available on macOs

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed issue in the End Race UI where rewards would show even if not needed
    • Fixed the font for vehicle prices in Car Collection to fit one used in Car Dealers
    • Fixed the issue where players could interact with UI through the “Not able to connect to game servers” popup

    • Fixed racing line issue that would cause infinite loading on tracks: Hidden Deers Reserve (reversed), Geyser Field (reversed), Ghost Town (reversed), Highway Run (reversed), Natures Paradise (reversed)
    • Fixed the issue where the player could rewind before the race begins thus causing in race UI to break and the user to be unable to move

    • Implemented an automatic compensation for players who didn’t receive their Daily Rewards for days 60/90/120 etc.
    • Fixed the issue where players would not receive gold for the last day of long-term Daily Rewards
    • Fixed depth of field module error
    • Fixed the issue where GT40 would sometimes disappear from vehicle selection

    11. Patch 1.11


    New Game mode: Overtaking.
    Test your driving skills by navigating between your rival's car in this new game mode combining racing and surviving.
    Use your opponents to fill your time pool and reach the finish line.
    Be bold, if your time pool reaches zero, it’s Game Over!

  • Improvements: Improved reward screens at the end of race.
  • Improvements: Improved experience for new players with a reworked onboarding.

    • New cars: There is a new exclusive car for you to discover in Carta Stradale this month!


    • Added new sliders in the options menu to be able to set music volumes separately.
    • End Race UI now displays Crafts, Credits, and Experience rewards on a single panel.
    • The end Race UI Influence panel has been reworked to be clearer.
    • End Race UI now displays end race objectives on a single tile.
    • Created a new menu to display race objectives at the race end.
    • Created a UI element to indicate when a part upgrade is available in a workshop.

    • New game mode: Overtaking.
    • New onboarding experience.
    • Added new customization packs for daily challenge.
    • Modified upcoming Carta Stradale to avoid having too-long tracks in events.
    • Added new quests to the quest's pool.

    • Updated application icon.


    • Did some sprite optimizations on some menus.

    Bug Fixes

    • Added missing localization to customization items.
    • Fixed a bug preventing the player name from displaying while playing offline.
    • Added missing Turkish characters.
    • Fixed OK button not being properly translated in the rewards popup.
    • Fixed 911 Type 930 missing rims' sprites.
    • Fixed difficulty slider click zone size in Custom Mode.
    • Fixed a problem causing wrong displayed placements number while playing in Classic on Highway run.
    • Fixed an issue where the player position was miscalculated while playing on Death Valley.
    • Fixed a bug causing other club members' names to be displayed in black on the multiplayer leaderboard.
    • Fixed blockers behaviors for Carta Stradale button in main menu.

    • Fixed race intro cinematics on some tracks:
      • Provincial Town (reversed)
      • Campaign Trip (reversed)
      • Perched Sanctuary (reversed)
      • Winegrowers coast (reversed)
      • Winegrowers town (reversed)
      • Cruising the oasis (reversed)
      • Suspended Roads (reversed)
      • Blizzard Road (reversed)
      • Hairpin Challenge (reversed)
      • Stairway to the Sky (reversed)

    • Fixed seasonal rewards showing every time the player reloaded their save.
    • Fixed issue with "Participate in X events with the vehicle of category D" Quest where the quest did not update properly at the end of race.

    10. Patch 1.10

    Challenge of the Day

    New Feature: Challenge of the Day.
    Compete in a different race with a loaned car each day to receive rewards based on your position.
    Among these rewards, you will find many banners and badges that are exclusive to Challenge of the Day mode!

  • New Feature: Profile Customization
  • Customize your profile with new banners and profile pictures to set yourself apart from other players.
  • Create your own banner and badge combination to stand out in the rankings and within your club!

    • New cars: There is a new exclusive car for you to discover in Carta Stradale this month!


    • Added a new car available in Super Carta.

    • Added Player Profile customizations items
      • Added customization player badges, replacing the default game center avatar in all interfaces.
      • Added customization player banners, adding a new background to the player’s name in all interfaces.
    • Modified Main Menu layout

    • Added new rewards for a special event.
    • Added a new game mode: Challenge of the Day

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed an issue causing Competitive mode and Carta Stradale to be accessible before their intended levels.
    • Made some optimizations to the UI timers in Carta Stradale and Dealers.
    • Fixed a bug with the GameCenter access point showing when it should not.
    • Fixed a bug causing some vehicle snapshots to load indefinitely.
    • Fixed a bug causing the two dealers' screens to not be properly interactable with a gamepad.
    • Fixed the SLS Black Series name and made it available in the car collection menu.
    • Fixed a bug causing invalid displayed statistics for vehicles bought during the current session.
    • Fixed a bug preventing multiplayer notification from redirecting players to the main menu.
    • Fixed a bug causing invalid displayed statistics for vehicles in Carta Stradale.

    • Fixed camera glitch, in the end cinematic of Stairway to the sky reversed.

    • The player is now properly sent back to the main menu if a network error occurs while playing in Carta Stradale, Competitive, or DailyChallenge.
    • Fixed issue where AI in Track Day of Carta Stradale would all be the same, therefore stacking on each other.
    • Fixed an issue where Full Auto control mode would not have any assistance.
    • Fixed an issue where the player would be in FullAuto assistance while using a controller.
    • Fixed an issue where the Assistance panel in the Options menu would display the wrong assistance settings.

    9. Patch 1.09

    Daily Rewards and Objectives

    Daily Objectives: Complete a series of personalized objectives each day to earn rewards.
    Daily Rewards: Log in every day to earn rewards including resources, credits, and even an exclusive car!

  • Get daily rewards for connecting to Gear.Club Stradale.
  • And complete daily objectives to earn even more resources to help you progress in the game.
    • New Smash Races: Rediscover the Smash experience in these eight new reverse races.
    • New cars: There is a new exclusive car for you to discover in Carta Stradale this month!


    • Updated calipers' color names for some cars.

    • Improved options menu navigation.
    • Added a video trailer after the tutorial.

    • Added daily rewards with an exclusive car to obtain.
    • Added daily quests.
    • Events will now give rewards based on the total race length.
    • Existing smash races are now available in reverse mode.
    • Infinite achievement steps now use the infinity symbol instead of the step's index.

    • Improved gravel fx.
    • Improved camera settings during cinematics.


    • Some minor optimizations were done to the club menu loading times while in the villa.

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed sensitivity sliders not being interactable with touch or mouse control.
    • Fixed a missing Russian character.
    • Fixed a bug causing duplicate vehicles to appear in the vehicle selection menu.
    • Fixed a crash occurring when the player changed some assistance presets during a race.
    • Fixed Options Menu Assistance’s behavior while playing Smash races.
    • Fixed a bug causing vehicle stats to not be properly updated in the vehicle selection menu.
    • Fixed incorrect reward values in the end race menu.

    • Fixed a problem with reversed tracks when creating a new save slot causing reversed tracks to be unlocked from the start.

    8. Patch 1.08

    Tracks Reverse

    Rediscover all 60 Gear.Club: Stradale tracks in Reverse! Find them in the Carta Stradale.
    Each week, complete 20% of the Carta to unlock 15 Reversed Tracks in your Quick Events!

  • 15 new tracks through U.S. National Parks where you can explore the magnificent landscapes of the American West. At the wheel of your most powerful cars, you can discover its breathtaking canyons, its typical villages, its impressive geysers, its immense Sequoia forests, its wildlife, and much more…
  • 15 new tracks in the Alps! Ride on the white slopes of the breathtaking mountains. Enjoy the beauty of the European landscape amidst of the winter sports infrastructure
  • 15 new tracks in the middle of the warm Tuscany. Let yourself be enchanted by the series of turns in the middle of the Italian countryside, admire the small typical villages and feel the speed along the fields of vines that pass by.
  • 15 new tracks in the depths of the Desert, its fine sand dunes, its lost villages and its famous refreshing oases. Stay focused on the road, the mirage is lurking!
    • New feature: Christmas is coming to Gear.Club: Stradale! In the main menu, in the Villa, or in Smash, let yourself be carried away by the magic of Christmas!
    • New cars: There is a new exclusive car for you to discover in Carta Stradale this month!


    • Added a new car to the game: W-MotorsFenyr Supersport during an upcoming Super Carta Stradale.

    • Tracks are now sorted alphabetically in the custom race menu.
    • Pre-race vehicle selection menu now shows locked vehicles that could be used during the race and how to unlock them.
    • Add locked tracks to the custom race menu and how to unlock them.
    • Add locked environments to the custom race menu and how to unlock them.
    • Some UI elements now have a custom theme based on special events.
    • Added a new button in the competitive mode HUD to be able to quickly quit the race.

    • Reversed versions of the game’s tracks are now available. Players will be to unlock them during the upcoming Carta Stradales.
    • Smash mode items now change appearance based on special events.
    • Carta Stradale is now unlocked at player level 5.

    • Added a new survey system allowing players to share their opinions on the game’s future features.

    • Improved trophy case rendering.


    • Optimized calculations of vehicles' PI which should reduce some loading times.

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed a tutorial popup not showing up in the performance workshops.
    • Fixed incorrect displayed time gap in the HUD and Checkpoint ARs when the player was very late while playing a Track Day race.
    • Fixed issue where multiple progression popups could appear when leveling up outside of race.
    • Fixed a crash when entering the lounge while in offline mode without a valid club.
    • Fixed a bug preventing the player from closing the Carta Stradale step reward popup without using a controller while playing on macOS.
    • Fixed a problem causing the vehicle selection menu to open when validating the Carta Stradale step reward popup.
    • Fixed a bug allowing to launch two Track Day races at the same time.
    • Fixed a bug preventing the player from selecting a Carta Stradale event after backing out from another one.
    • Fixed a glitched menu behavior when launching a race.
    • Fixed voucher icon overlapping with the purchase button when viewing a super carta car in the car dealer.

    • Fixed missing checkpoint interface when playing Smash race mode.

    • Fixed a bug causing analytics events to not be sent out when quitting the game on macOS.
    • Fixed a bug causing the player to be brought back to the wrong menu at the end of a race.

    7. Patch 1.07

    A renewed experience!

    A reworked game experience for new players: shorter and more enjoyable.
    Many improvements to make the game more intuitive.
    The ability to drive a super car from the beginning of the game.
    A new control mode with automatic acceleration and braking to make the game easier to handle.
    The possibility to test the cars before buying them.

    • New feature: You can now test the cars available at the Car Dealer with the "Test Drive" mode to validate your choice.
    • New cars: There is a new exclusive car for you to discover in Carta Stradale this month!
    • Improvements: A rework of the track unlocking flow and the Competition game mode


    • Added a new car available during an upcoming Super Carta Stradale.

    • Added the possibility to skip every cinematic and most of the popups in the game.
    • Improved duration formatting in chronometers.
    • Improved some icons.

    • Reworked the tutorial and most of the first-time experience to make it less tunnelly and give players more freedom on how they experience the game.
    • Added a new game mode Test Drive allowing players to test the car dealer cars.
    • Competitive mode is now unlocked at player level 5.
    • New GameCenter achievement.
    • New club achievements.
    • Added a new control option to have an auto-braking mode.

    • Updated the app icon to feature a new car.

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed a bug causing audio to not pause when the application backgrounded on mac os.

    • Fixed some broken gamepad behaviors in the main menu.
    • Fixed a bug causing some elements in the main menu to update improperly.
    • Fixed a bug causing player level-up popup to snatch gamepad focus while backgrounded.
    • Fixed a bug causing the loading widget to overlap with some interfaces.
    • Fixed a bug causing the vehicle statistics screen to not update properly when sharing a car on an empty slot.
    • Fix the free mode menu height when a member is online to fix an overlap with the online members widget.

    • Fixed a time display discrepancy in time attack depending on if the player won or not.

    • Depth of Field is now disabled in car dealer and vanity dealer as the focus is not optimal when looking closely at cars. A better implementation will be added in a future update.

    • Fixed a bug preventing existing players from having first-time experiences for new content.
    • Fixed a bug allowing players to consume all their rewind charges at once when playing in Carta Stradale.

    6. Patch 1.06

    New Game Mode: Trackday!

    This new game mode is composed of qualifications and races in which you will experience your first motorsports gameplay in Gear.Club: Stradale.
    4 circuits exclusive to Trackday that offer a new driving experience.

    • New feature: Car Collection that allows you to see all the existing cars in the game and their specs.
    • New Achievements: 18 new achievements in Game Center and 2 Club achievements.
    • New cars: There is a new exclusive car for you to discover in Carta Stradale this month!
    • Improvements: Improved braking performance to make your driving experience more comfortable.
    • Improvements: A better presentation of your opponents in competitive mode and in Carta.


      Game modes:
    • New game mode: Track Day. It is composed of a qualification and a race on the new circuit tracks.

    • 4 new circuit tracks which are available in Track Day and Competitive Mode.

    • Added a new car available during an upcoming Super Carta Stradale.

    • Improved end race reward interface.
    • Players can see cosmetics parts and paints they don't possess in the cosmetic and paint workshops.
    • Added information about the best player and rival player during the race intro cinematic in Competitive Mode.
    • Added information about the best club and player’s during the race intro cinematic in Carta Stradale.
    • Added information about the best club performance on Carta Stradale event tiles.
    • Improved the loading tips and loading screen interfaces.
    • Created a collection menu to display the existing cars in the game. You can access it when visiting the car dealer.

    • Added several new GameCenter achievements.

    • Added V-Sync and Frame cap options on macOS video settings.


    • Adjusted quality profiles on iPhone 14, iPhone SE (3rd gen), and iPad (9th gen) to improve performance on those devices.
    • Several improvements were made to reduce the size of the game.
    • Some menus are now loaded on demand to avoid keeping them in memory.

    Bug Fixes

    • Paints' prices have been modified to comply with the intended market prices. The paint workshops now also lock paints according to their respective levels.
    • Fixed a bug occurring when players bought cars with non-stock cosmetic parts. Players who bought the Agera RS and/or the Corvette Stingray during previous Super Carta Stradales will receive the non-stock cosmetic parts for free.
    • BMW Z4 and McLaren 675LT no longer float above the tire workshop.
    • Fixed paint workshop not properly applying caliper colors on Agera RS.

    • Improved the camera angles when viewing side skirts in the Vanity Dealer.
    • Fix a bug causing a corrupted event to be launched when starting a custom event after visiting the Carta Stradale Menu.
    • Modified Landing panel to hide GameCenter icon faster to avoid any problems during save loading.
    • Fixed give-up button behavior when changing language.
    • Fixed a bug causing the rewind button to be deactivated if the player pressed it during the rewind animation.
    • Fixed an animation issue preventing part type AR item from appearing when placing a car in an empty workshop.
    • Race tiles now properly show the minimum and maximum rewards.
    • Fixed a bugged behavior of the vehicle selection menu.
    • Fixed a display issue occurring when scrolling through vehicles in a multiplayer lobby.

    • Fixed some broken animations of the paint workshop.

    • Fixed some memory issues caused by the achievement system.

    5. Patch 1.05

    New environment: Alps!

    Discover the 15 new tracks on the Alps roads!

    • New feature: Customization of the paint of the rims and the brake callipers.
    • New feature: A reward wall where you can admire the different rewards won by your Club. Go to the villa's lounge to admire it.
    • An update of the competitive game mode: It is now possible to do as many laps as you want on the looping races. Only the best time of the session will be saved on the leaderboard.
    • A new feature: The Retry button has been added to make life easier for players in the competitive mode.
    • New quality settings on macOS: 5 new quality presets.
    • New cars: There is a new exclusive car for you to discover in Carta Stradale this month!


    • Created a new end screen when racing in competitive mode.
    • The Super Carta discount ticket now shows a small snapshot of the car.
    • Added buttons linking to various Gear.Club Stradale social accounts.
    • The options have been reworked and rearranged.
    • Adjusted mini-map settings to see further and better anticipate next corners.

    • Added a new piece of furniture to the villa which showcases various achievements of your club.

    • Added a new car to the car dealer pool.
    • Improved some vehicles ground occlusion textures.

      Competitive mode:
    • Players can now do infinite laps on looping tracks while racing in competitive mode to compete for the best lap time.
    • Added a retry mechanic when racing in competitive mode.

    • Rims and Brake Calipers paints are now available to buy in the vanity shop.
    • The paints workshop can now modify Rims and Brake Calipers paints.
    • Rims and Brake Calipers paints are now properly tracked by achievements.

    • Added new user configurable quality settings on macOS.
    • Changed shadow filtering technique for a new one that is more optimized while having better visual quality.
    • Changed spot lights behavior on workshops to be always enabled, instead of being partially disabled when no car is present on the workshop.
    • Improve rendering of achievement props in villa.
    • Improved baked shadows on the exterior of the villa on low end devices.
    • Improved mini-map rendering to use the proper resolution based on the screen resolution.
    • Added anti-aliasing to mini-map to improve its visual quality.

    • Improved lighting of multiple workshops to better light up the car.


    • Various UI optimizations were made to reduce storage and memory usage.

    • Optimized vehicle ground occlusion textures to reduce storage and memory usage on macOS.

    • Optimized shaders to improve GPU performance, particularly on low end devices.
    • Optimized rendering pipeline to improve GPU performance on high end devices.
    • Optimized battery usage and energy consumption when displaying full screen UI by disabling 3D rendering behind it. This also improves UI performance on low end macOS device connected to high resolution displays.
    • Changed shadow filtering technique for a new one that is more optimized while having better visual quality.
    • Optimized villa shadow rendering to improve performance while improving visual quality.
    • Optimized memory usage of particles

    • Optimized some villa assets to reduce storage and memory usage, while preserving visual quality.

    Bug Fixes

    • Added missing stage 10 performance parts for Bugatti Chiron.

    • Fixed PI differential in workshop UI that can sometimes not match real PI values.
    • Fixed a bug preventing the player from skipping the congratulations cinematic in Vanity Dealer and Car Dealer.
    • Fixed a bug causing part items to disappear when scrolling with a controller while entering a workshop interface.
    • The vehicle selection menu now properly updates its car statistics when upgrading cars in the villa.
    • Fixed fade animation when switching between option panels.
    • Fixed a bug causing the AR in the car dealer to display a white rectangle for some frames.
    • Fixed bugged gamepad navigation in the main menu.
    • Fixed bug gamepad behavior in the competitive leaderboard menu.
    • Fixed a millisecond inconsistency between the race UI and the competitive leaderboard.
    • Fixed a bug causing vehicle snapshots to not be properly updated while in a multiplayer lobby.
    • Fixed a bugged interaction with the loading menu when opening the Carta Stradale menu, causing the menu to flicker.
    • Fixed an issue causing the input icon to be hidden on some screens.
    • Fixed a bugged interaction between the custom race menu and the multiplayer lobby.
    • Fixed a bug allowing the player to use multiple rewinds at once.
    • Fixed bugged distance display when selecting a track in competitive mode.

    • Fixed some instances where the camera would go through a wall during a race cinematic.
    • Improved car placement on the starting grid on some tracks.

    • Fixed camera flash not working on some levels when installing a part on the cosmetic workshop.
    • Fixed a crash when giving up a race on high end macOS.
    • Fixed car flashing for a split second when giving up a race on high end iOS and Apple TV 4K 2021.
    • Fixed vehicle drift particles not spawning at the proper amount.

    • Fixed wheel workshop first visual upgrade not using the correct 3D model.
    • Fixed emissive parts of workshop not being activated on some workshops.
    • Fixed a lot a small visual issues present on workshops.

    4. Patch 1.04

    A new Competitive gamemode!

    Choose your best-performing car, set your best time and climb the leaderboard.

    • The community has inspired many of the new features in this update!
    • Players were looking for a way to compete against each other: here comes the competitive mode.
    • Cars are now divided into six categories. Choose your car, choose a race and climb the world leaderboards!
  • New camera: Interior camera on the dashboard for more immersion.
  • New feature: Graphics preference from three configurations for iOS and tvOS: Quality, Performance, or Energy Saving.
  • New feature: Progress Timeline allows you to view past and upcoming rewards for solo and Club progression.
  • New cars: There are two new exclusive cars for you to discover in Carta Stradale this month!
  • Improvements

    • New game mode: Competitive Mode.
    • Revamped player's progression menu.
    • Added new interfaces to display the player and club progression's rewards.
    • Added new graphical options to AppleTV, iPhone and iPad. You can now switch between 3 settings: Quality, Performance and Energy saving.
    • Added new club achievements.
    • Added a steering wheel tutorial to the introduction race.
    • Revamped interfaces to display the names of the menus and realigned some menus.
    • Thanks to community feedback we've added a dashboard view during the race.
    • Added a button to what's new patch note popup to have access to the patch note link while using a controller.
    • Revamped walls physics to make collisions more punitive.
    • All cars that have an openable hood now open their hoods in the mechanic workshop.


    • Optimized some resources to reduce their memory footprint.
    • Updated quality settings to improve performance on some devices.
    • Fixed a memory leak caused by undisposed props cinematics.

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed a bug allowing to click through the carta stradale rewards screen.
    • Fixed rounding issues with the PI differential UI when upgrading a car.
    • Fixed wallet interfaces expansion issues.
    • Fixed remaining navigation issues in the options menu.
    • Fixed gamepad selection when selecting a race environment.
    • Fixed an issue on vehicle items causing the vehicle name to overflow.
    • Added missing sprites for vehicle restricted events.
    • Revamped checkpoint AR and fixed a problem occurring when the value was changing too often.
    • Host name now scrolls instead of overflowing when viewing a multiplayer event in the events menu.
    • Unnecessary screens are now skipped when finishing a race.
    • Fixed some navigation issues in the main menu.
    • Fixed a bug causing scrolling texts to stutter.
    • Fixed a bug causing some car camera angles to be skipped during a race while using a controller.
    • Fixed a bugged animation on workshop items.
    • A loading screen is now shown when opening the carta stradale menu to avoid unexpected behaviours.
    • Fixed broken UI state when focusing out of the game while using a controller.
    • Fixed broken behaviours of the store rating popup.
    • Shared parking: Tweaked some values on the first parking slot camera settings to avoid clipping into a pot.

    • Fixed discrepancies between shown time goal and the real goal.
    • There is now a maximum of two smash races in the quick events.
    • Reduced number of Smash in Carta.

    • Improve 675 LT rear window to avoid light artefacts.
    • Fixed poor shadows when opening some car parts.
    • Fix Lotus Exige S and Chevrolet Corvette Stingray floating above tire workshop.

    • Fixed floating camping van in National parks tracks.
    • Fixing missing breaking points and infos on National parks tracks.

    • Fixed secret car not being properly tracked by achievements in some cases.
    • Fixed a bug causing absurd achievements values when playing offline.

    • Fixed problems with wrong account change detections causing the game to close even though the account hadn't changed.

    • Removed duplicate tracks from the player's progression.

    • Fixed an error causing the player to be able to join the same multiplayer session twice<./li>

    • Fixed bad game version in support email template.

    3. Patch 1.03

    New Game Mode: Smash!

    In Smash mode, you have to pop balloons spread on the track as quickly as possible.
    Watch your trajectory and don’t be too eager if you want to finish in time.
    Play solo or in multiplayer to compete with your club members!

    • New Feature: Custom Race!
      • Many of you wanted a custom race mode, so here it is!
      • Choose your favorite game mode, a track, a car, and go!
      • Find your favorite combinations, train as much as you want, and become a driving expert.
    • New Control Mode: To meet your expectations, here is a new control mode. The Virtual Steering Wheel is now available on iPhone and iPad. Go to the options to try it!
    • New Club Achievements: Six new Club Achievements are now available with many rewards to be won!
    • New cars: There are two brand-new cars for you to discover this month in Carta Stradale!


    • Added a new game mode: Smash. Pop the required amount of balloons placed along the track before the timer runs out.
    • Added new club achievements with new props to add to your villa.
    • Added a new control mode: Virtual Steering Wheel.
    • Added the Customize my race menu, from there you’ll be able to choose your game mode, track and car and race to your heart’s content.
    • Added an additional text to the voucher popup appearing during the Carta Stradale rewards phase.


    • The 3D camera is now paused when most of the fullscreen UIs are shown.

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed accelerator pedal icon rotation in race hud.
    • Fixed camera collision with the cars in the car dealer close-up view.
    • Fixed an issue where a wrong racers ranking was displayed when approaching the starting checkpoint or the new lap checkpoint.
    • Fixed a crash happening when a certain popup was closed.
    • Fixed a bug where the player could validate the same rewind multiple times.
    • Fixed a bug where the player wasn’t able to start a race after selecting a vehicle.
    • Fixed wrong craft currencies display when skipping the rewards panel in the race end rewards interfaces.
    • Fixed most of the navigation problems in the options menu.
    • Fixed display artefact on the gamepad button highlighter.
    • Fixed a bug causing the event card to be improperly replaced when finishing an event.
    • Fixed an overlap between currencies in the currencies interface.

      Club Achievements:
    • Fixed multiple scenarios leading to freezes in during the club achievement reward animation.
    • Fixed a bugged interaction between the rate us popup and the club achievements animation.
    • Fixed club achievements animation not showing at all in some cases.

      Part opener:
    • Moved the camera away from the car in the car dealer to avoid getting knocked up by opened parts.
    • Fixed a bug where all parts would open on click in when looking at the car in the car dealer.
    • The opened car parts now properly close when leaving the close-up view in the car dealer.
    • Fixed a freeze happening when closing an opened part.

      Apple features:
    • Fixed a bug occurring when changing Apple account on IOs while the game was running. The player will now be prompted to restart their game to avoid any problems.
    • Fixed a bug causing the game to be playable while the GameCenter dashboard was opened on a mac when using a controller.

    • Polished some National parks tracks.

    • Fixed club achievement not being properly cleared when changing saves.

    • Corrected xbox elite pad support on MacOs.

    • Fixed a bug which prevented players from launching multiplayer sessions.
    • When leaving a multiplayer lobby the player is now redirected to the Main Menu instead of the Race Event menu.

    • Fixed some vehicle sounds

    • Fix vehicle occlusion ray cast casting on everything instead of only on ground.
    • Disable vehicle glass backface culling and improve vehicle glass shadow performance by using bilinear filtering only.
    • Fix engine missing on P1.

    2. Patch 1.02

    New environment: U.S. National Parks!

    15 new tracks through U.S. National Parks where you can explore the magnificent landscapes of the American West.

    • At the wheel of your most powerful cars, you can discover its breathtaking canyons, its typical villages, its impressive geysers, its immense Sequoia forests, its wildlife, and much more…
    • New feature: The new "At a Glance" feature lets you admire your cars in great detail. Go to the Shared Parking Lot, where you can open the doors and the hood
    • New cars: There are two new exclusive cars for you to discover in Carta Stradale this month!


    • A new environment: National Parks, is now available with 15 new tracks unlocked with solo progression

    • Added two new cars

    • Achievements: Improved the display for infinite achievement steps
    • Player’s progression: Added scrolling capabilities to the player progression screen to handle more than 3 rewards per level
    • Workshops: Made installable parts directly installable when selected in a workshop
    • What’s new: Enhanced the scrolling of the What's new popup
    • Villa: Added new buttons to navigate between the villa’s interior and exterior
    • Cosmetic item dealer: Improved shot quality when focusing on a paint item
    • Cosmetic item dealer: Improved shot quality when focusing on a rear bumper
    • Cosmetic item dealer: Improved shot quality of the first car slot for every part type

    • Lobby workflow improvements aimed to lower players waiting time

    • The player is now able to open some cars' parts in the shared parking and the car dealer
    • A system of rewind restrictions in Carta Stradale has been added. It will be activated a few days after the update is released following a period of evaluation and setup. No changes were made for normal races

    • Overall rendering quality improvement on the most powerful devices (iPad Pro 5th gen, iPhone 13, Mac high end)

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed issues with some data being discarded when uploading to the cloud

    • Fixed meshes on some Tuscany tracks
    • Fixed lightings on some Tuscany tracks

    • Add reverse glass on convertible cars 918, 718 GTS, and Hurayra to be able to see it from the inside during races
    • Fixed a missing paint name for the Mc Laren P1
    • Updated the name of Guilia QV, M2 Coupé, and SLS Blackseries

    • Time Attack: Fixed some bugs with how the system determined if a checkpoint was won or not
    • Time Attack: Modified some computations to avoid discrepancies with the end UI when the time gap with the goal is very small
    • Time Attack: Fixed some bugs occurring when rewinding in races with multiple laps
    • General: Fixed a bug randomly blocking the game when loading a track
    • General: Fixed a crash on some Macs when launching a race
    • Multiplayer: Fixed an issue with the ranking indicator not counting players who disconnected after finishing the race
    • Multiplayer: Fixed a camera bug when pausing during a multiplayer race
    • Multiplayer: Fixed a crash occurring when launching a multiplayer race in time attack mode

    • Car dealer: Fixed a crash when closing the app while in the car dealer
    • Cosmetic dealer: Added protection when the vanity dealer module tries to load a slot with a car not owned by the player
    • Super Carta dealer: The Super Carta dealer now charges the discounted price of the car instead of the full price
    • Super Carta dealer: Fixed a bug where players who could afford the discounted price of the car but not the full one had the purchasing cinematic although the car wasn’t purchased

    • Races Menu: Fixed a bug where a white square would stay over a race event item
    • Races Menu: The track length shown in a race event card now dynamically adapts to the user's unit system
    • General: Fixed multiple crashes when playing in Arabic or on an Arabic device
    • General: Fixed some blockers when playing with an underaged or multiplayer restricted account
    • Carta Stradale: Fixed a bug where on some occasions a player would be redirected to the quick events menu after finishing a Carta Stradale race
    • Options: Fixed some gamepad navigation issues in the options menu
    • Added new splash Apple videos for 3x2 and 16x10.5 screen ratios
    • Villa Exterior: Fixed dealer's timer sometimes showing a Spanish placeholder text
    • Rewards: Enhanced the animation of the reward item to avoid having the animation overflow its container
    • Villa interior: Tweaked some camera settings to fix some blurry floors

    • Achievements: Secret car now counts towards the Car Fans achievements
    • Parking: Fixed a bug where the car wouldn't spawn when re-sharing a car
    • Progression: Fixed a crash occurring when the secret car isn't present during the secret car reveal cinematic

    1. Patch 1.01

    New feature: Super Carta Stradale!

    The Super Carta Stradale is a derivative of the classic Carta Stradale with a few special features:

    • It is held only once a month
    • A new car is introduced and available for the whole week
    • This car is then available for sale to all the people who participated in this Carta Stradale
    • The price of the car is reduced based on the percentage of the Carta Stradale that has been completed


    • Improved dealer timer localization
    • Changed dealer selection frequencies to 6 hours frequency
    • Added a warning popup so that the player is notified if losing iCloud connection
    • Added support for alternate percentage pattern


    • Improved some UI animations and Sprites
    • Optimized memory usage of some 3d and 2d ressources
    • Fixed a memory leak in club achievement toaster module

    Bug Fixes

    • Corrected multiplayer notifications not sent
    • Corrected crash in multiplayer

    • Fixed carta stradale menu still being active and adding out of screen navigation
    • Fixed scrolling in club progression popup
    • Fixed a bug with medal overlapping with time in carta stradale leaderboard
    • Fixed some carta stradale uis
    • Fixed missing reference on TRC Popup

    • Fix 8C misplaced rims

    • Fixed a bug with dealer timer when minutes gap is 0
    • Fixed hours-based selection in car dealer and vanity dealer and added a method to repair corrupted dealer selection dates
    • Vanity dealer selection will not cause a crash if a player has duplicates of a given car

    • Fix Privacy Manager bug
    • Fixed save issues on Cosmetic and performance parts
    • Fixed an error that occurred because we tried to retrieve club member crown status before retrieving members
    • Fixed a bug with the player progression module
    • Fix Refill in Race Events
    • Fix when we spam A when we try to launch a race from the event selection menu
    • Fixed various date time issues