1. Patch 1.01
  2. Patch 1.02

1. Patch 1.01

New feature: Super Carta Stradale!

The Super Carta Stradale is a derivative of the classic Carta Stradale with a few special features:

  • It is held only once a month
  • A new car is introduced and available for the whole week
  • This car is then available for sale to all the people who participated in this Carta Stradale
  • The price of the car is reduced based on the percentage of the Carta Stradale that has been completed


  • Improved dealer timer localization
  • Changed dealer selection frequencies to 6 hours frequency
  • Added a warning popup so that the player is notified if losing iCloud connection
  • Added support for alternate percentage pattern


  • Improved some UI animations and Sprites
  • Optimized memory usage of some 3d and 2d ressources
  • Fixed a memory leak in club achievement toaster module

Bug Fixes

  • Corrected multiplayer notifications not sent
  • Corrected crash in multiplayer

  • Fixed carta stradale menu still being active and adding out of screen navigation
  • Fixed scrolling in club progression popup
  • Fixed a bug with medal overlapping with time in carta stradale leaderboard
  • Fixed some carta stradale uis
  • Fixed missing reference on TRC Popup

  • Fix 8C misplaced rims

  • Fixed a bug with dealer timer when minutes gap is 0
  • Fixed hours-based selection in car dealer and vanity dealer and added a method to repair corrupted dealer selection dates
  • Vanity dealer selection will not cause a crash if a player has duplicates of a given car

  • Fix Privacy Manager bug
  • Fixed save issues on Cosmetic and performance parts
  • Fixed an error that occurred because we tried to retrieve club member crown status before retrieving members
  • Fixed a bug with the player progression module
  • Fix Refill in Race Events
  • Fix when we spam A when we try to launch a race from the event selection menu
  • Fixed various date time issues

2. Patch 1.02

New environment: U.S. National Parks!

15 new tracks through U.S. National Parks where you can explore the magnificent landscapes of the American West.

  • At the wheel of your most powerful cars, you can discover its breathtaking canyons, its typical villages, its impressive geysers, its immense Sequoia forests, its wildlife, and much more…
  • New feature: The new "At a Glance" feature lets you admire your cars in great detail. Go to the Shared Parking Lot, where you can open the doors and the hood
  • New cars: There are two new exclusive cars for you to discover in Carta Stradale this month!


  • A new environment: National Parks, is now available with 15 new tracks unlocked with solo progression

  • Added two new cars

  • Achievements: Improved the display for infinite achievement steps
  • Player’s progression: Added scrolling capabilities to the player progression screen to handle more than 3 rewards per level
  • Workshops: Made installable parts directly installable when selected in a workshop
  • What’s new: Enhanced the scrolling of the What's new popup
  • Villa: Added new buttons to navigate between the villa’s interior and exterior
  • Cosmetic item dealer: Improved shot quality when focusing on a paint item
  • Cosmetic item dealer: Improved shot quality when focusing on a rear bumper
  • Cosmetic item dealer: Improved shot quality of the first car slot for every part type

  • Lobby workflow improvements aimed to lower players waiting time

  • The player is now able to open some cars' parts in the shared parking and the car dealer
  • A system of rewind restrictions in Carta Stradale has been added. It will be activated a few days after the update is released following a period of evaluation and setup. No changes were made for normal races

  • Overall rendering quality improvement on the most powerful devices (iPad Pro 5th gen, iPhone 13, Mac high end)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issues with some data being discarded when uploading to the cloud

  • Fixed meshes on some Tuscany tracks
  • Fixed lightings on some Tuscany tracks

  • Add reverse glass on convertible cars 918, 718 GTS, and Hurayra to be able to see it from the inside during races
  • Fixed a missing paint name for the Mc Laren P1
  • Updated the name of Guilia QV, M2 Coupé, and SLS Blackseries

  • Time Attack: Fixed some bugs with how the system determined if a checkpoint was won or not
  • Time Attack: Modified some computations to avoid discrepancies with the end UI when the time gap with the goal is very small
  • Time Attack: Fixed some bugs occurring when rewinding in races with multiple laps
  • General: Fixed a bug randomly blocking the game when loading a track
  • General: Fixed a crash on some Macs when launching a race
  • Multiplayer: Fixed an issue with the ranking indicator not counting players who disconnected after finishing the race
  • Multiplayer: Fixed a camera bug when pausing during a multiplayer race
  • Multiplayer: Fixed a crash occurring when launching a multiplayer race in time attack mode

  • Car dealer: Fixed a crash when closing the app while in the car dealer
  • Cosmetic dealer: Added protection when the vanity dealer module tries to load a slot with a car not owned by the player
  • Super Carta dealer: The Super Carta dealer now charges the discounted price of the car instead of the full price
  • Super Carta dealer: Fixed a bug where players who could afford the discounted price of the car but not the full one had the purchasing cinematic although the car wasn’t purchased

  • Races Menu: Fixed a bug where a white square would stay over a race event item
  • Races Menu: The track length shown in a race event card now dynamically adapts to the user's unit system
  • General: Fixed multiple crashes when playing in Arabic or on an Arabic device
  • General: Fixed some blockers when playing with an underaged or multiplayer restricted account
  • Carta Stradale: Fixed a bug where on some occasions a player would be redirected to the quick events menu after finishing a Carta Stradale race
  • Options: Fixed some gamepad navigation issues in the options menu
  • Added new splash Apple videos for 3x2 and 16x10.5 screen ratios
  • Villa Exterior: Fixed dealer's timer sometimes showing a Spanish placeholder text
  • Rewards: Enhanced the animation of the reward item to avoid having the animation overflow its container
  • Villa interior: Tweaked some camera settings to fix some blurry floors

  • Achievements: Secret car now counts towards the Car Fans achievements
  • Parking: Fixed a bug where the car wouldn't spawn when re-sharing a car
  • Progression: Fixed a crash occurring when the secret car isn't present during the secret car reveal cinematic