1. Patch 1.03
  2. Patch 1.02
  3. Patch 1.01

3. Patch 1.03

New Game Mode: Smash!

In Smash mode, you have to pop balloons spread on the track as quickly as possible.
Watch your trajectory and don’t be too eager if you want to finish in time.
Play solo or in multiplayer to compete with your club members!

  • New Feature: Custom Race!
    • Many of you wanted a custom race mode, so here it is!
    • Choose your favorite game mode, a track, a car, and go!
    • Find your favorite combinations, train as much as you want, and become a driving expert.
  • New Control Mode: To meet your expectations, here is a new control mode. The Virtual Steering Wheel is now available on iPhone and iPad. Go to the options to try it!
  • New Club Achievements: Six new Club Achievements are now available with many rewards to be won!
  • New cars: There are two brand-new cars for you to discover this month in Carta Stradale!


  • Added a new game mode: Smash. Pop the required amount of balloons placed along the track before the timer runs out.
  • Added new club achievements with new props to add to your villa.
  • Added a new control mode: Virtual Steering Wheel.
  • Added the Customize my race menu, from there you’ll be able to choose your game mode, track and car and race to your heart’s content.
  • Added an additional text to the voucher popup appearing during the Carta Stradale rewards phase.


  • The 3D camera is now paused when most of the fullscreen UIs are shown.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed accelerator pedal icon rotation in race hud.
  • Fixed camera collision with the cars in the car dealer close-up view.
  • Fixed an issue where a wrong racers ranking was displayed when approaching the starting checkpoint or the new lap checkpoint.
  • Fixed a crash happening when a certain popup was closed.
  • Fixed a bug where the player could validate the same rewind multiple times.
  • Fixed a bug where the player wasn’t able to start a race after selecting a vehicle.
  • Fixed wrong craft currencies display when skipping the rewards panel in the race end rewards interfaces.
  • Fixed most of the navigation problems in the options menu.
  • Fixed display artefact on the gamepad button highlighter.
  • Fixed a bug causing the event card to be improperly replaced when finishing an event.
  • Fixed an overlap between currencies in the currencies interface.

    Club Achievements:
  • Fixed multiple scenarios leading to freezes in during the club achievement reward animation.
  • Fixed a bugged interaction between the rate us popup and the club achievements animation.
  • Fixed club achievements animation not showing at all in some cases.

    Part opener:
  • Moved the camera away from the car in the car dealer to avoid getting knocked up by opened parts.
  • Fixed a bug where all parts would open on click in when looking at the car in the car dealer.
  • The opened car parts now properly close when leaving the close-up view in the car dealer.
  • Fixed a freeze happening when closing an opened part.

    Apple features:
  • Fixed a bug occurring when changing Apple account on IOs while the game was running. The player will now be prompted to restart their game to avoid any problems.
  • Fixed a bug causing the game to be playable while the GameCenter dashboard was opened on a mac when using a controller.

  • Polished some National parks tracks.

  • Fixed club achievement not being properly cleared when changing saves.

  • Corrected xbox elite pad support on MacOs.

  • Fixed a bug which prevented players from launching multiplayer sessions.
  • When leaving a multiplayer lobby the player is now redirected to the Main Menu instead of the Race Event menu.

  • Fixed some vehicle sounds

  • Fix vehicle occlusion ray cast casting on everything instead of only on ground.
  • Disable vehicle glass backface culling and improve vehicle glass shadow performance by using bilinear filtering only.
  • Fix engine missing on P1.

2. Patch 1.02

New environment: U.S. National Parks!

15 new tracks through U.S. National Parks where you can explore the magnificent landscapes of the American West.

  • At the wheel of your most powerful cars, you can discover its breathtaking canyons, its typical villages, its impressive geysers, its immense Sequoia forests, its wildlife, and much more…
  • New feature: The new "At a Glance" feature lets you admire your cars in great detail. Go to the Shared Parking Lot, where you can open the doors and the hood
  • New cars: There are two new exclusive cars for you to discover in Carta Stradale this month!


  • A new environment: National Parks, is now available with 15 new tracks unlocked with solo progression

  • Added two new cars

  • Achievements: Improved the display for infinite achievement steps
  • Player’s progression: Added scrolling capabilities to the player progression screen to handle more than 3 rewards per level
  • Workshops: Made installable parts directly installable when selected in a workshop
  • What’s new: Enhanced the scrolling of the What's new popup
  • Villa: Added new buttons to navigate between the villa’s interior and exterior
  • Cosmetic item dealer: Improved shot quality when focusing on a paint item
  • Cosmetic item dealer: Improved shot quality when focusing on a rear bumper
  • Cosmetic item dealer: Improved shot quality of the first car slot for every part type

  • Lobby workflow improvements aimed to lower players waiting time

  • The player is now able to open some cars' parts in the shared parking and the car dealer
  • A system of rewind restrictions in Carta Stradale has been added. It will be activated a few days after the update is released following a period of evaluation and setup. No changes were made for normal races

  • Overall rendering quality improvement on the most powerful devices (iPad Pro 5th gen, iPhone 13, Mac high end)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issues with some data being discarded when uploading to the cloud

  • Fixed meshes on some Tuscany tracks
  • Fixed lightings on some Tuscany tracks

  • Add reverse glass on convertible cars 918, 718 GTS, and Hurayra to be able to see it from the inside during races
  • Fixed a missing paint name for the Mc Laren P1
  • Updated the name of Guilia QV, M2 Coupé, and SLS Blackseries

  • Time Attack: Fixed some bugs with how the system determined if a checkpoint was won or not
  • Time Attack: Modified some computations to avoid discrepancies with the end UI when the time gap with the goal is very small
  • Time Attack: Fixed some bugs occurring when rewinding in races with multiple laps
  • General: Fixed a bug randomly blocking the game when loading a track
  • General: Fixed a crash on some Macs when launching a race
  • Multiplayer: Fixed an issue with the ranking indicator not counting players who disconnected after finishing the race
  • Multiplayer: Fixed a camera bug when pausing during a multiplayer race
  • Multiplayer: Fixed a crash occurring when launching a multiplayer race in time attack mode

  • Car dealer: Fixed a crash when closing the app while in the car dealer
  • Cosmetic dealer: Added protection when the vanity dealer module tries to load a slot with a car not owned by the player
  • Super Carta dealer: The Super Carta dealer now charges the discounted price of the car instead of the full price
  • Super Carta dealer: Fixed a bug where players who could afford the discounted price of the car but not the full one had the purchasing cinematic although the car wasn’t purchased

  • Races Menu: Fixed a bug where a white square would stay over a race event item
  • Races Menu: The track length shown in a race event card now dynamically adapts to the user's unit system
  • General: Fixed multiple crashes when playing in Arabic or on an Arabic device
  • General: Fixed some blockers when playing with an underaged or multiplayer restricted account
  • Carta Stradale: Fixed a bug where on some occasions a player would be redirected to the quick events menu after finishing a Carta Stradale race
  • Options: Fixed some gamepad navigation issues in the options menu
  • Added new splash Apple videos for 3x2 and 16x10.5 screen ratios
  • Villa Exterior: Fixed dealer's timer sometimes showing a Spanish placeholder text
  • Rewards: Enhanced the animation of the reward item to avoid having the animation overflow its container
  • Villa interior: Tweaked some camera settings to fix some blurry floors

  • Achievements: Secret car now counts towards the Car Fans achievements
  • Parking: Fixed a bug where the car wouldn't spawn when re-sharing a car
  • Progression: Fixed a crash occurring when the secret car isn't present during the secret car reveal cinematic

1. Patch 1.01

New feature: Super Carta Stradale!

The Super Carta Stradale is a derivative of the classic Carta Stradale with a few special features:

  • It is held only once a month
  • A new car is introduced and available for the whole week
  • This car is then available for sale to all the people who participated in this Carta Stradale
  • The price of the car is reduced based on the percentage of the Carta Stradale that has been completed


  • Improved dealer timer localization
  • Changed dealer selection frequencies to 6 hours frequency
  • Added a warning popup so that the player is notified if losing iCloud connection
  • Added support for alternate percentage pattern


  • Improved some UI animations and Sprites
  • Optimized memory usage of some 3d and 2d ressources
  • Fixed a memory leak in club achievement toaster module

Bug Fixes

  • Corrected multiplayer notifications not sent
  • Corrected crash in multiplayer

  • Fixed carta stradale menu still being active and adding out of screen navigation
  • Fixed scrolling in club progression popup
  • Fixed a bug with medal overlapping with time in carta stradale leaderboard
  • Fixed some carta stradale uis
  • Fixed missing reference on TRC Popup

  • Fix 8C misplaced rims

  • Fixed a bug with dealer timer when minutes gap is 0
  • Fixed hours-based selection in car dealer and vanity dealer and added a method to repair corrupted dealer selection dates
  • Vanity dealer selection will not cause a crash if a player has duplicates of a given car

  • Fix Privacy Manager bug
  • Fixed save issues on Cosmetic and performance parts
  • Fixed an error that occurred because we tried to retrieve club member crown status before retrieving members
  • Fixed a bug with the player progression module
  • Fix Refill in Race Events
  • Fix when we spam A when we try to launch a race from the event selection menu
  • Fixed various date time issues