1. General
  2. Controls
  3. Options
  4. Cars
  5. Game Modes
  6. Rewards
  7. Multiplayer
  8. Game Center / iCloud
  9. Other

1. General

What language is Gear.Club: Stradale available in?

Gear.Club: Stradale is available in the following languages:

  • Arabic
  • Chinese (Traditional - ZH-TW)
  • Chinese (Simplified - ZH-CN)
  • Dutch
  • English - US
  • English - GB
  • French - FR
  • French - CA
  • German
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Portuguese - BR
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Turkish

What platforms or devices are supported?

Gear.Club: Stradale can be played on any iOS, tvOS, or macOS device which supports Apple Arcade.

2. Controls

What are the different ways to play?

Gear.Club Stradale offers a variety of control types depending on the device you are using:

  • Touch Screen Control (iOS)
  • Gyroscopic Control (iOS)
  • Keyboard (macOS)
  • Controller (all the devices)

How do I connect a Bluetooth controller?

Basic Connection Process

  1. On your Apple device, go to Settings > Bluetooth
  2. Make sure Bluetooth is turned on
  3. Turn on your controller
  4. Put your controller into pairing mode
  5. Select the controller’s name when it appears on the list of available devices
  6. Your controller should now be paired with your device
  7. You can now play Gear.Club: Stradale with the paired controller.

Bluetooth Controller Connection Guides


  1. Ensure your controller has batteries / is charged to prevent connectivity issues
  2. Unpair your controller from other devices before initiating a new connection

3. Options

What are the assistances for?

Assistances allow you to have the driving experience that suits you best.

  • Speed: Fine-tune the speed according to the track
  • Steer: Correcting the trajectories
  • Anti-skid: Avoiding inappropriate slippage
  • Racing Line: Showing the best trajectories and brake zones

How do I change my driving style?

  1. Go in the options Menu
  2. Select « Controls »
  3. Choose your control mode

How do I change the Music / Sound Effects volume?

  1. Go in the options Menu
  2. Select « Audio »
  3. Use the sliders to change the Music / Sound Effect volume

How do I enable/disable vibrations?

  1. Go in the options Menu
  2. Select « Controls »
  3. Turn « Vibrations » ON / OFF

What is the purpose of “Share Online Presence”?

The “Share my Presence” option allows you to appear online for your club members so you can receive notifications and play Multiplayer with them.

What is the purpose of “Data Analytics”?

Analytics allows us to better understand your habits and preferences in order to provide you with an even better gaming experience. All data is processed in a package and cannot identify you individually. Read more information about our privacy policy

What is the purpose of “Data Collection”?

Data collection is an important part of Gear.Club: Stradale. It allows you to:

  • Pool your progress in the Clubs and thus make it evolve.
  • Play in multiplayer with your Club members

If this option is disabled, your experience will be greatly impacted as it will result in a shift to offline mode until this data collection is re-enabled. Read more information about our privacy policy

4. Cars

How do I change my driving style?

  1. Go to the Main menu
  2. Choose "Buy new Cars”
  3. Buy your car

b. Why aren't all the cars available in the store?

Every day a selection of cars is available in the store. The selection changes every 24 hours. So make sure you check the selection regularly.

How can I custom my car?

To customize your car, you must purchase a cosmetic part. Once this is done, go to the cosmetic shop and install your new part.

How can I improve my cars’ performance?

To improve the performance of your cars, go to the Workshop of your choice. The higher the level of the workshop is, the more interesting the improvements will be.

What is “PI”?

The “PI or Performance Indice” is an indicator to give you an idea of the general performance of your vehicle. Events also offer races with a certain PI range. To increase your PI, improve the performance of your vehicle.

5. Game Modes

What are Events?

Events are quick races that give you rewards

  • Classic Race: The goal is to finish in the Top 3.
  • Time Trial: The goal is to beat the ghost.

The events are composed of a predefined track and a car imposed in a range of performances (PI) For more information about “PI”, go to section 4.e: What is the “PI”? of the FAQ.

What is the Carta Stradale?

Carta Stradale is a game mode that proposes a succession of events to be completed over several days with your Club. Once the Carta Stradale is completed, players receive rewards.
In this game mode, you can challenge each other between the members of your Club but also rank yourselves on a global ranking of Clubs.
For each event completed with the highest score among your club members, you win a Crown.

What is the Carta Champion?

The Carta Champion is the player who has collected the most Crowns during the previous Carta Stradale.

Why can’t I earn any more resources when I play an event?

Each day, a predetermined number of resources can be earned. Once a certain number of events have been played, there are no more resources available. A timer shows you the next refill on the event page. During this time you can still earn XP, Credits and Influence.

6. Rewards

What is the purpose of XP?

XP is directly related to your Player Level and allows you to progress on Gear.Club: Stradale. The more you progress, the more you will have access to difficult races and better Cosmetic / Performance parts.

What are Credits for?

Credits are used to buy cars and Cosmetic parts for your cars.

What are Resources for?

Resources allow you to install Cosmetic / Performance parts on your cars.

What is Influence used for?

Influence is used to increase the level of your Club. It is a common resource between all the members of the same Club. It allows you to improve the level of your Workshops and to earn various rewards for you and your Club.

How does progression work?

In Gear.Club: Stradale, you can progress in 2 ways:

  • Solo progression: classic progression represented by your Player Level and earned with XP. The higher your level is, the more you will have access to complex Events and to more evolved pieces of Performances.
  • Club progression: progression common to all members of the same Club represented by the Club level and earned through Influence. The higher your Club Level, the more powerful Workshops you have access to, allowing you to install your previously purchased Performance parts.

7. Multiplayer

How do I invite my friends to my Club?

To invite a friend to your Club

  • Send an invitation link for your friends who do not have the game
  • Share your Club code, once the Club code is received, your friend must go to his Club and paste the code in "Join my friends' Club".

How can I play Online with my Club Members?

In order to play online with your Club members, please make sure that you meet all of the following requirements:

  1. Be logged in to GameCenter: For more information go to What is a Game Center account?
  2. Not be GameCenter restricted: For more information go to What does “Game Center Restricted” mean?
  3. Be connected to the Internet
  4. Be in a Club
  5. Accept the share online presence: For more information go to What is the purpose of “Share Online Presence”?

Why don't I receive notifications to play with my club members?

To receive notifications to play online with your Club members, make sure you have enabled the "iCloud Drive" option in your device settings.

  1. Go to Settings > [Your Name]
  2. Tap “iCloud”
  3. Activate “iCloud Drive”

For more information please visit the official documentation.

How can I share my cars?

You can share a car (or several depending on the number of members in your Club) by going to the Shared Showroom of your Club. By sharing it, you allow the members of your Club to use the same car as you during the Events.
Using a shared car during an Event will give you more rewards.

Why can't I use the cars shared by my Club members?

On some events, a car with a predefined 'PI' is mandatory to play. If the shared car doesn't meet these criteria, you can't use it for that event.
For more information about “PI”, go to What is “PI”?

8. Game Center / iCloud

Do Cross-platform saves work?

If you're signed in to the same iCloud and Game Center accounts on your different device you can access your game saves and progress on all devices that have the game downloaded.

What is a Game Center account?

A GameCenter account is created with the creation of an Apple ID account. It allows you to do a lot of things about the games on your device such as participate in leaderboards, multiplayer games, find, view and challenge friends, and track achievements.
In Gear.Club: Stradale, Game Center is a main element of the Multiplayer and Clubs features.

For more information please visit the official documentation.

What does “Game Center Restricted” mean?

Some accounts may have Game Center restriction settings that may prevent you from playing Gear.Club: Stradale or accessing multiplayer. In order to remove these restrictions:

  • Go to your device options, click on "Screen Time" and make sure the game does not have a time restriction in "App Limits".
  • Still in "Screen Time", click on "Content and Privacy", if restrictions are enabled, click on "Content Restriction" and:
    • Go to "Apps" and choose "Allow all apps".
    • Make sure that the "Multiplayer Games" option is enabled with everyone.

If a code is needed to change these options, contact the person who has this code to modify the restrictions

For more information please visit the official documentation

9. Other

My question isn’t answered here

If you have any other questions about Gear.Club: Stradale that are not already answered on this support page, please contact us via email at

Please include details about what type of device, operating system and version you are playing with. Additionally, any details you can provide about the issue you are experiencing.

We won't reply to questions already answered on this support page.